Website Design and Management

Posh Solutions website division is different to usual website design companies.  We design a website that suits your technical ability, meets your needs in terms of customer experience and budget, and scores well with search engines.  That is where most designers leave you to your own devices, but we go further than that.  We work with you over the course of a year, ensuring that you can do everything that you need to with your website.  

We help you solve technical problems, refine your website, optimise it, test it and market it; developing a coherent plan to increase the use of and return on your website.

Along with this site, a  few of our website design and management clients are: - Online retailer of high quality plastic glassware and tableware. - Spanish/English language tutor, author and communicator. - Well being and integration of expats in San Pedro Del Pinatar - Buying direct from home vendors, selling direct to buyers.

Entrust your web business in the hands of Posh Solutions Limited; we'll stay with you, even after the site is designed and running.  We see website management as more of a relationship than a service.

IT Tutoring and Advice

For people new to using computers, everything can soon seem very daunting.  With one-on-one tuition, tailored exactly to your needs, you'll soon be doing whatever you virtual mind desires.  Everyone starts somewhere - usually the same place - but the one's that improve are the one's who get the right kind of help.  

Tuition covers:
  • Emailing
  • Safe Surfing
  • Editing Pictures
  • Skype
  • Computer Mainenance
  • Web design
  • Organising Files
  • Shopping online
Whatever your need, Posh Solutions can help you get ahead along the superhighway.

We also hold a free monthly computer group and web design group as part of Adapt San Pedro.

Posh Solutions Limited can offer advice on buying new equipment and source products to meet your needs.

PC Doctor

For computer problems in the Murcia region, we offer a repair and clean service along with tuition to help keep your computer in optimum condition.